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Why the Resource Center?


In June 2014 a decision was made to fundamentally improve all aspects of Funeral Service Education, hence the Founding of the FSERC.  We are dedicated to the continual improvement of educational resources related to funeral service.  We understand the importance of quality educational resources.  In March 2015 we introduced our first textbook, Fires of Change:  A Comprehensive Examination of Cremation.  The second edition of this title was released in June 2021.  In April 2016, One World:  Sociology & Funeral Service and Types of Funeral Services and Ceremonies, 2nd ed. were published, during summer 2016 we published the second edition of The Art of Facial Reconstruction, in April of 2017 we published, Fundamentals of Funeral Directing:  Building A Professional Cornerstone, in April 2018 we introduced Prepare to Succeed:  A Collaborative Collection of Questions to Test Funeral Service Knowledge, in May 2019 we published The Psychosocial Aspects of Death and Dying, 2nd Ed., in 2020 we introduced Restorative Art:  Foundation & Practice, and in 2021 we published Pathology and Microbiology for Mortuary Science, 2nd ed. Consistent with the goals of the FSERC, all eight texts are unique and maintain the standard of quality that has become synonymous with the Resource Center.    

Why Now?


Funeral Service Educators and Students across the country are thirsting for quality educational resources.  The timing of the FSERC is simple, funeral service education is in dire need of quality resources.  The FSERC will always keep a keen eye on the needs of Funeral Service Education and work to meet these demands.  The FSERC will always consult with Funeral Service Educators during the writing and development of educational resources, it is critical to seek out the expertise of Educators.  The time is now to improve all resources related to Funeral Service Education!   

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